UX, UI Design & Front End Development


UX, UI Design & Front End Development

The European Platform on Changing Healthcare (EPOCH) is a working group dedicated to examining and advancing the use of technology within the pharmaceutical supply chain.

The challenge: EPOCH needed a brand identity and website built with a rapid turnaround that represented their brand values whilst maintaining a level of authority that they are the thought leaders in blockchain solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. This was a project I worked on as part of the team at Jupiter and the Giraffe

The solution: We built them a brand and website that complimented their values to educate, communicate & disseminate that was ultra modern with ambitious twists to create confidence in their work.

The logo needed vibrancy and tenacity. It needed a wide variety of applications as well as the simplicity to be recognised if used without the EPOCH name. The blue-green gradients are reflective of modern pharmaceutical trends and prove to be striking when used against the purity of the white. The three sides of the pyramid represent the three values of EPOCH (educate, communicate & disseminate). The fourth side is missing and represents the support needed come together others in the industry.

logo breakdown
epoch logo

The UI design took inspiration from two sources, firstly Origami, due to the connotations of unfolding. learning and discovery – something which really resonates with what EPOCH represents. Secondly, the use of geometrical patterns and angular shapes throughout the site to give a sense of strength and presence.

The iconography was inspired by origami to represent the idea of learning and discovery

An exhibition we saw at the V&A called Chance and Control: Art in the Age of Computers really inspired us. The exhibition explored computer-generated art and art designed predominantly through the use of algorithms. This affinity between technology and design, order and entropy, is something we wanted to bring to the design of Epoch to showcase their innovative individuality and software background.

For our typography, we chose two contrasting and distinct fonts. For headings, we opted for a lively and brazen sans-serif font– Cera Pro Medium, which also makes an appearance in the logo. For body text, we selected Cutive Mono – a wonderful and quirky monospace font inspired by computing and the default font of the terminal and IDE’s. Together, these fonts create a powerful visual hierarchy whilst bringing personality to the EPOCH brand.

From beginning to end, the project was handled efficiently. We would definitely work with them again.
Olivia Kirkham – (EPOCH)
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