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Lovin' Life

Brand Identity
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Lovin' Life is an events-based photography company. Their mission is to help goal-driven achievers capture their special moments. I worked on Lovin' Life with Samuel Gregory as part of Jupiter and the Giraffe. We ran a remote brand strategy session over the course of a week where we explored the client's business goals and values, their users and the competitive landscape. From this information, we crafted them a brand identity which included a logo and brand guidelines.

Some initial brainstorming for the logo around speed, snapshots and memory

primary logo
"Superb experience throughout and look forward to working together again in the near future"
Andy Bradley (Founder of Lovin' Life)

logo emblem

The emblem of the logo represents sequential memories and the way they are fanned gives a sense of speed. It could also be interpreted as a stack of photos or confetti.

Image treatment
Animated version of the logo
Tote bag
Polo Top

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