Digital - Animation / Moving Image


Digital - Animation / Moving Image
T-Lab (Concept Piece)

T—Lab is an innovative, cutting-edge, and audacious business venture that seeks to improve humanity. This is a UI concept piece for a future-tech company whose ambition is to drive forward the future of humanity through ventures such as sustainable space travel.

The challenge: To create a microsite displaying the company’s corporate report in an engaging and unique way whilst embodying the innovative, audacious, risky and creative values of T-Lab.

The solution: A microsite that embodies the notion of journey to represent the ambitious trajectory the company is on and the journey in which t-lab is taking the world whilst maintaining a sense of bold confidence.

This notion of journey was represented through the subtle UI interactions and the sense of depth created with the parallax. It gives the sense that you are travelling through space-time with the way the images, worm-hole like, warp into view. The angular and geometric shapes used in the font choice and graphic elements gives a sense of bold confidence to reflect their values.

a page from some initial brainstorms
Mobile and Desktop mockups

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